The Best Type of Bike for You

The Best Type of Bike for You

Getting older isn’t any fun, it also means you have to work that much harder to stay in shape.  One easy way to incorporate some fitness into your life is to trade in your car for a bike.  That doesn’t mean never driving again it simply means swapping out the car in your daily commute for a bike ride back and forth to work.  But if you’re like most people and haven’t ridden a bike since….well we don’t have to talk about how long it’s been.

Suffice to say bikes have changed and you’re not quite sure of the basics of bikes anymore, so how can you buy the right bike.  Figuring out the right bike doesn’t have to be complicated it’s mostly about where you want to ride.  Are you on city streets as you go back and forth to work or do you want head out to the mountains and explore more rugged terrain?

The Best Type of Bike for You

There is no right or wrong answer and really you don’t have to choose between city or country riding you can do both.  Here’s a breakdown of the three basic bike types so you can head over to the sporting goods store with a basic idea of what you want.

Mountain Bikes

If you dream of throwing yourself down the side of a mountain, you are going to need a mountain bike.  No pun intended.  But if you’re going to be riding on trails then you will want better shock absorbers and a sturdier bike.  Let the bike take the abuse and not you, when you’re running over tree roots, gravel and other uneven terrain.  There are fewer gears on a mountain bike so you can handle the deep descents and hard inclines.  The tires have thicker treads giving you a better grip on dirt and all around the bike is just built for more wear and tear.

Road and Touring Bikes

Bikes that you are essentially using in the city are referred to as touring or road bikes.  These are great for long trips by yourself and they are built more for comfort than a mountain bike.  You can enjoy the view around you and you can take more gear with you than a water bottle.  If you’re looking for a bike to simply get back and forth to work with these will do just fine.

Hybrid Bikes

No this doesn’t mean an electric engine, but rather it is a combination of mountain and touring bikes.  If you want to use your bike to commute back and forth to work and still head off road on the weekends then this is the bike you need.  It is constructed to have the best of both mountain and touring bike.  Here is a video breaking down the hybrid bike for you.

Lighter weight than a mountain bike and much sturdier than a road bike you can do a lot with a hybrid.  Bear in mind that the tire treads isn’t as thick as a mountain bike so you’re not going to scale mountains but you will be able to enjoy going off road.

There, now you understand the difference between the basic bike types so you can head to the sports store and get yourself ready to hit the road.